Celebrating a finished project!

I am happy to report another finished project! Yippee!

A few months ago, I ordered a kit to make a crocheted afghan. (Socially distanced shopping.) My sewing room has become a storage area during our never-ending renovation, and I am restless with nothing to occupy my hands.

The kit makes a cozy throw for the sofa and is called Swirling Squares. The yarn is variegated in colours of the beach; browns & blues. The finished throw is 42″ wide by 52″ long. I will need to make 20 blocks to assemble into four rows of five blocks.

Making the blocks is easy. Sewing them together took a little longer. I completed the assembly and then used the leftover yarn to make a border. The last task was to bury all the loose ends, and there were many! (click on any image to see slideshow)

Ta-Da! Here it is! The finished throw. I can attest that it is very warm & cuddly!

What are you working on these days?

Thanks for visiting, Connie

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