Adventures with Hipstamatic

The weather is finally warmer, and I am venturing out more often. I planned a short trip with my Hipstamatic and gave it a shake to see what came up (when you shake the camera, it picks a random lens & film). Today’s shake came up with the ‘Jane’ lens and the ‘Ina’s 1982’ film.

The ‘Jane’ lens captures the beauty in everything around you. ‘Ina’s 1982’ film adds a simple and elegant white matte to the prints.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day, and I walked around our little town. Join me. I left the parking lot and turned eastward on Mary Street.

There are shadows of the still leaf-less trees across the sidewalk, and you can see the roof of the Armoury Building over the sweet, little houses.

Next, we see the Armoury Building, which received a complete overhaul a couple of years ago and looks great! The building is now the home to many interesting small businesses.

Beside the Armoury is the library. We view it from the back, and you can see a significant addition in progress. (…and no, I am not referring to the ‘Port-Potty)

I wind my way across Main Street and down Ross Street to the park. Turning back, I caught a glimpse of the historic Regent Theatre.

Once through the park, I come back to Main Street and a typical building that houses some of the cutest businesses.

You can see The Acoustic Grill and the Vic Cafe’s rainbow-painted patio down another alleyway.

I turn the corner back toward the parking lot, and you can see several views of the Picton United Church. I love that the clock tower still rings out the hours.

On the final stretch, I share one of the many pretty houses. This one looks particularly lovely in the sunshine.

Shrubs in front of other houses are bursting into bud. I will have to return to see the pretty blooms in a week.

Before returning to the car park, I saw an early-blooming Magnolia tree! How pretty is this bloom?

Thank you for joining me, today!

5 thoughts on “Adventures with Hipstamatic

  1. That was a lovely day for a walk and the town is so pretty! Great idea using the shake ‘n’ go on the hipsta, I must have a go with it if I ever remember to! I do like magnolia, my neighbour has two beauties in their garden I covet often! Really enjoyed this series Connie,what is the name of the town BTW?

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    1. I covet magnolias too, though I have never had success keeping them alive. I live 10 minutes south of Picton, Ontario in Prince Edward County – a big rock in the east end of Lake Ontario, just before it empties into the St. Lawrence River.

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