Adventures with Filters

It has been typical Canadian weather around here. Days cold enough that you need to wear a jacket, then hot days leave you wilting with the heat. Add in a mix of thunder & wind storms and a tornado warning, and you have typical southern Ontario weather. However, it never stops me from taking my photos.

Today I am using the latest ‘Cabbagetown’ Hipsta Pak. This combo includes the ‘Alexander 35’ lens (this clean lens adds vintage low contrast and desaturation to the image) and ‘Bluegrass 14’ film (it mimics an expired film left out in the hot sun for too long; this film produces wildly unexpected results with many colour variations). So let’s get walking.

I decided that the architecture of Base 31 (formerly Camp Piction) would be an excellent place to begin. I liked the random splotches of colour, but I found the buildings too dark.

The next stop was the quaint little town of Bloomfield with its interesting Main Street shops. Looking at this group of photos, I decided that photographs taken at a distance don’t work well, but I love the closer, more detailed images.

I took the last couple of image at the Oeno Sculpture Garden. Again, the distant shots don’t work well, however I took two photos in quick succession to show the variety of textures that pop in randomly.

This Hipstapak was an interesting experiment, and I now know it works better in an urban environment and for close-up shots.

Thanks for visiting, Connie 🙂

2 thoughts on “Adventures with Filters

  1. Good experimentation! I have loads of hipstamatic films and lenses now as I suppose you do, but can scroll through them all on a photo and not find one I like! Nice job Connie!


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