December 25 to 32, 2022

Hello and welcome! 

We end the year by digging out of an epic storm. We were fortunate that we kept power for the duration and, due to holidays, had lots of provisions, so we were well fed. Let’s get on to the last week of photos!

December 25 (359/365) 

Sunday Coffee Series: Merry Christmas! This was the only Sunday of the year that I did not take my coffee photo outside! It was still a blizzard outside, and all the roads in the county remained closed. I can’t see the car at the end of the driveway for the blowing snow. But, thankfully, we still had power which is a blessing. The wind was too strong to take my photo on the porch, so I shared Christmas morning with candlelight and our Christmas tree. Current weather conditions were -6C/22F (it feels like -15C/5F due to 40 km/h winds).

December 26 (360/365)

Boxing Day: The roads are still closed (day 4). The storm is over, but we are still experiencing snow squalls. We are fortunate to have power still. It is a great day to stay under a warm & cozy quilt with a good book and a cup of something hot!

December 27 (361/365) 

I have finally ventured outside. We are still getting snow squalls two full days after the storm. Here is the east-facing window of my living room. At one point during the storm, we could not see out of any window in the house. I’m glad it is starting to brighten.

December 28 (362/365)

It is spectacular what a little wind and snow can produce. This drift is along the fence line, 6 feet at its highest point and curves dramatically around our back deck. Mother Nature is truly phenomenal!

December 29 (363/365)

The melting begins; the creek that flows through our property is starting to melt after the past week’s wild weather. You can see on the pine tree trunks how high it flooded and froze due to a blocked culvert. 

December 30 (364/365)

Temperatures are rising, and we expect rain overnight and into tomorrow. In this photo, you can see how high the flooding & freezing was before the water receded. We can only hope that the coming rain flows away instead of backing up again. Fingers crossed, everyone!

December 31 (365/365)

Though not last night’s sunset, it was the last one I took this year, earlier this week. After a week of snow storms, we were treated to this beautiful sky. Let’s take this as an omen of better days ahead!

Happy New Year, everyone!

New Year * New Moments * New Adventures * New Lessons * New Memories * New Challenges * New Opportunities

Thank you to all who visited, commented and shared my photography journey! I am still deciding where my photography will take me, but stay tuned, and I hope you come along for the ride.

Thank you for visiting, Connie πŸ™‚

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