Sunday Coffee Series

Last year, as part of my 365 photo challenge, I shared a photo of my Sunday morning mug of coffee. By the time the year had ended, several friends had joined me each Sunday morning. It was fun to see the change of seasons and to connect with a virtual group of coffee-loving photographers.

Fun Facts:

  • I collect Starbucks Mugs when on vacation! They all have special memories for me.
  • I have several mugs that were gifts from my children & friends.
  • The cup with ‘Coffee’ written all over it was a gift from a friend who travelled to Germany and brought it back for me. It lived on my office desk for 18 years until I retired!

So, please grab a cup of your favourite beverage & join me for a review of 2022 in coffee. ☕️ (Click on any photo to see larger version.)











November (Black & White month)


(Christmas Day, due to a 3-day blizzard, was the only day of the year that I was unable to be outside on my porch or in my yard)

Thank you for visiting!

Connie ❤️

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