Hipstamatic 365 – January 8 to 14, 2023

Hello everyone! 

My friend, Jane, has decided to “embark on a one photo a day for a year project.” You can read about her plans here.

Since we both participated in a similar project in 2021, she asked if I would like to join her in using the Hipstamatic App this year. Hipstamatic is one of my favourite iPhone camera apps, and this project is an excellent way to start using it more often. It simulates different camera lenses and films, and you can arrange them in any combination. I like the ‘shake’ function that will randomly pair lens & film, and that is how I will go forward.

I will share my weekly results here on this blog for my project. I have already missed the first week of January, so without further delay, let’s get on with the fun!

This week my ‘shake‘ selected:

  • Salvador 84 Lens (Start getting surreal. View the world through the eccentric lens of Salvador. Distorted reality. Endless discovery.)
  • Libros Film (This film adds fun abstraction and mid-frame effects to your photos. Made in Madrid). 

This combination produces fractured frames, some light leaks and warm gold & turquoise hues to the photos.

I still need to organize myself for this, so the photos were taken today, with one exception.


I am waiting for hubby to arrive for a coffee date in town. (I captured him just as he came through the door.) The weather was dismal, with wet snow and poor visibility. We each had various errands to attend to and decided to meet at the local Starbucks afterward. I love our spontaneous coffee dates!

#2 & #3

This morning, we awoke to the first sunshine we have had since before Christmas, and I captured the first rays that landed in the kitchen.


You can see many animal tracks in the fresh snow behind the workshop. Here you can see cat, squirrels and rabbits have been visiting.


Looking at the top of the tree on the right-hand side of the photo, you can see the sun shining happily for us.


This photo shows the sun shining on my car, melting the ice from the hood.


I like this photo of our little house with the fresh, unsullied snow in the front yard. The left side of the image shows a coyote’s tracks as it travelled across the yard during the night. (We share our yard with all kinds of wildlife, though I’m happy the coyotes only come out at night when I’m not outside.)

Thanks for visiting & see you next week! 

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