January 8 to 14, 2023

Hello and welcome! 

The weather this week was mild & primarily cloudy, and it snowed a little on Friday, but not the blizzard the media predicted. Yesterday & today, we had glorious sunshine but frigid temperatures; you can’t have it all. I thoroughly enjoy sitting in pools of sunlight while I write this post!

January 8

Sunday Coffee Series: It is Sunday, which means sharing our coffee! It is grey and overcast again. The temperature is -7C/20F, but there is no wind, so it isn’t as bad as it sounds! I have decided that my Starbucks Hawaii Mug is perfect for helping me remember some warmer temperatures. The snow from the Christmas storm has mostly melted away, for which I am grateful, and there will be no new snow in the foreseeable future.

January 9

Monochrome Monday: This time of year, the landscape seems to be all the same colour, but it is still beautiful! 

January 10

There are many water birds in the bays and coves around the county. The food must be plentiful, or they wouldn’t stay for winter. This pair of Trumpet Swans came to say hello.

January 11

As I mentioned yesterday, many water birds are in the bays and coves around ‘the county.’ Today I found this small flock of Canada Geese coming in for a landing at Cressy Point, at the east end of the county. I love this view, the slight reflection of the geese over the water, the hazy island in the distance and a few ducks for good measure.

January 12

This month has been such a dark & dismal one. The sun has hardly peeked out from behind heavy cloud cover. This desolate farm scene was a perfect example of the week. I especially like the “Turner” Sky; if you look closely above the tree, you can see a low sun trying hard to break through. 

*William Turner (1789-1862) was an English painter specializing in watercolour landscapes.

January 13

We awoke to new snow, but I wouldn’t call it a blizzard as they are in the media. It is still dark & dreary, but the snow lightens everything up the landscape and looks so pretty. Drive safe if you are going out! (Please remember to clean off your car! I can’t tell you how many have already driven by this morning still covered in snow!)

January 14

It’s -11C/12F this morning, but the sun is up for a change! Yesterday, I went for a walk at the Macauley Conservation Area while the snow was falling! The old stone shed looks so pretty here! Have a great weekend, dress warmly & take some time to play in the snow!

I see a mix of weather coming this week, so I will have to see what I can find to share with you! 

Thank you for visiting, Connie 🙂

4 thoughts on “January 8 to 14, 2023

  1. It is a toss up between the desolate farm scene and the stone shed, as to which is my favorite scene. I really like both, Connie!
    I haven’t seen the sun in days and days! But you show that one can find beauty in the dismal! 🙂


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