January 15 to 21, 2023

Hello and welcome! 

The weather has been either sunny and frigid or dark, dreary & overcast, though not too cold. It definitely was a week to follow the weather reports closely!

January 15

Sunday Coffee Series: It’s -12C/11F this morning; however, the sun is shining & sparkling on the snow! We had snow this week; not much, just enough! Thankfully the days are longer already. Today I am using my black Starbucks mug; I’ve had it for a long time. Hubby likes this one, too, so I have to be up early if I want this one! 

January 16

Macro Monday: I found a vine full of red berries with caps of fresh snow climbing over a rail fence on the walking trail. It was still snowing and was very quiet; the birds were all tucked away someplace, taking shelter from the snowfall. I will bet this vine will be a bustling place this morning as the snow has stopped and the sun is shining again.

January 17

This picture is of the best sledding spot in town! It falls from the back of the public parking lot into the park. The sun was bright, but it was still freezing. The kids, though, didn’t notice and were having lots of fun & the parents were well-stocked with take-out coffee!

January 18

I enjoy walking the trails at Macauley Conservation Area. Birdhouse City* is in this park. Many of the birdhouses are replicas of actual buildings in the county! (click on any photo below for larger version)

*Birdhouse City, a 40-year-old County gem that’s an easy 15-minute walk from downtown Picton. This unique outdoor space hosts a ‘city’ of roughly 100 birdhouses built for purple martins, wrens, bluebirds, chickadees, and tree swallows. You can read more about it here.

January 19

This photo is of the Crystal Palace’s roof lines at Picton’s Fair Grounds and is how it looks here today! Gray sky & drizzling! Freezing rain is forecast, but I hope the meteorologists are wrong!

January 20

I took this photo near the boat launch at Quinte Bay. You can see the weather is still grey and dismal. I like to pick up a coffee and sit for a few minutes of quiet before my appointments in the city. The waterfowl, the cracking of the ice, wind in the trees all soothe me. The ice isn’t thick enough for the fishermen, as usually, you can see lots of ice huts out there at this time of year.

January 21

It was just a week ago that we had this snowfall. Now, most of the snow is gone. The piled-up snow almost hides this photo of the picnic pavilion at Macauley Conservation Area in the parking lot. The snowfall was light & fluffy; there was little or no breeze, and the silence was all-encompassing. It was magical.

I see a mix of weather coming this week, so I will have to see what I can find to share with you! 

Thank you for visiting, Connie 🙂

6 thoughts on “January 15 to 21, 2023

  1. I am fascinated with Macauley Conservation Area. Birdhouse City. That is just so cool to see all the intricate work on each birdhouse. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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