Flickr Friday – December

Welcome to my Flickr Friday submissions for December!

What is Flickr Friday? It is a group on Flickr*. The group administrator posts a prompt on Friday, and you have one week to contribute an eligible photo to the group. The rules are simple: 

  • only one submission per theme
  • only pictures taken after the theme was announced
  • you have one week to take your pictures
  • add the proper tags to your pictures

Here is December 2022:

December 2 – Zodiac

My Zodiac sign – Taurus constellation with Mars keeping it company. (Taken in real-time with the SkyView App)

December 9 – Flow (Explore)

The headwaters of Black Creek are flowing again after a very dry summer.

December 16 – Superimposed

“superimposed – adjective – placed or laid over something else, typically so that both things are still evident.”

I have superimposed a seasonal phrase on a photo of my favourite angel, which is superimposed over a Christmas tree photo.

December 23 – Green & Red

Pelican Pete is still determining if his green & red ensemble will keep him warm enough during today’s blizzard.

December 30 – Bubbles

Lots of soap bubbles – washing dishes is a never-ending job; just when you think you are finished, another dish is found that needs cleaning.

*Flickr is an image & video hosting service and online community. 

3 thoughts on “Flickr Friday – December

    1. Thank you! Pelican Pete was purchased many years ago in Florida – he is slowly aclimatizing to our northern weather, but he is not happy about it. The Taurus shot is taken with my phone and the ‘SkyView Lite’ App. (free) I love star gazing and it helps you identify the solar system, stars, constellations, the brightest satellites like the International Space Station & the Hubble telescope, nedbulae & galaxies. You can use it to take photos of your sky and superimpose the constellations, etc in the photo. The day (middle of the night, actually) I took the Taurus photo I was thrilled that Mars was in the shot. I enhanced the colour a bit and it is made larger in the app, but I could actually see it in the sky. I have lots of fun with it, but don’t usually take photos. This was just a bonus!

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