Hipstamatic 365 – January 15 to 21, 2023

Hello everyone! 

This year, I am joining my friend, Jane, who has decided to “embark on a one photo a day for a year project” using our favourite iPhone app, Hipstamatic. It simulates different camera lenses and films, and you can arrange them in any combination. I like the ‘shake’ function that will randomly pair lens & film, and that is how I will go forward.

This week my ‘shake’ selected:

  • Savannah Lens (Inspired by the soft and delicate shades of french decor, this lens allows the reflection of light without darkening the shadows.)
  • Manneken Film (This film frames your photo with rough edges and uneven borders). 

This combination produces cool-toned photos. I took pictures on my daily walks downtown and from my yard.


The first sunset in quite a while; I was so happy to see the sunshine!


This photo is of Main Street, Picton – my town. It was sunny but so cold!


I love the reflection in the window and the shadows of the window sign on the inside column.


Again, we see late afternoon sunshine, which beautifully lit up the red berries on the trees in this yard.


I love the cool light and the reflections in the windows of this business on Main Street.


The kids wait all year for the few times that there is enough snow to go sledding. 


I started this week with a sunset, and I ended the week with a stunning sunrise.

Thanks for visiting! 

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